Hi! I'm Alice,

I'm currently 19 and living in the South West of England.

I love fashion, and have always been passionate about the latest trends. I'm not so into runway shows lately, I'm more into developing my own personal style. My favourite shops are Topshop, ASOS and H&M. I'm also really passionate about Nandos. Like, really passionate.

I'm also into makeup. I wouldn't say I'm the best makeup artist, but I love to experiment and I'm always up for trying new products. I don't really have an everyday look as I change it up on a daily basis. I consider my eyebrows to be one of my best features though, so my brow routine rarely changes since I perfected it.

I had platinum blonde hair for many years, and very recently went to an off-black brown. My hair is quite damaged and short (when I'm not wearing extensions) so I'll definitely be posting a lot about haircare and my hair growth journey this year.

My style is generally quite edgy. I love leather jackets, boots and anything black. I guess I'm a little goth at heart. My style icons are Eva Green, Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus.