26 Jun 2015

Armpit Hair: How to Get Super Smooth Pits for Summer

 Hi guys!

So, here's an intimate topic: armpit hair. Most of us ladies have it, and most of us ladies go to some measure to remove it.

Personally, I always used to shave my pits, though over time I've found it to be annoying - particularly now that I've started taking Biotin, which makes hair grow that little bit faster. I have to shave my underarms at least once a day, and twice if I want a smooth finish for a night out or something. That's a lot of shaving, and shaving can irritate the skin a lot.

Another issue with shaving I've always hated has been that stage in between being stubble and smooth. That sort of "5 O'Clock shadow" effect if you will. I don't like it, and particularly for summer I would prefer it to be gone.

So let me introduce you to my favourite little gadget at the moment; the Silk Epil 7 Epilator by Braun. I've had this a couple of years now and I still think it's amazing. The charge lasts for hours and hours and you can use it in the shower too which is very useful, and I'll explain why in a bit.

It came with 3 attatchments for the head. A beginners head, which you see here, a plain head (which isn't a lot different, it just doesn't have the beads) and a detailer head which is about a third of the size of the one I have pictured.  I'm fairly sure the reason for the rolling beads on this one is that it massages the skin and reduces the pain a little.

Speaking of pain, I'm sure you must be wondering if it hurts. And I'm not going to lie, it really fecking hurts the first time. It's really hard to keep going when it hurts so bad, but it helps to exfoliate first and to go at your own pace. This is where being able to use it in the shower helps, as when you're epilating under hot running water your pores are more open and you can sort of mask the pain with the hot water. If you can only remove a little bit at a time - don't worry! Once you've removed it once, the second time you do it it hurts considerably less, and once you're into the routine of it there's little to no pain at all. And the results make it all worth it.

I know it's a little weird, but I had to prove to you guys how good it looks. I pictured my own armpit just so you can see how smooth it is. There's no 'shadow' effect, no stubble, no stray hairs or anything. I'm always super pleased with the result, and they feel really really smooth. Lovely and smooth actually. I had only epilated my armpits the day before this photo, so the pores are still a little raised and bumpy but that should be gone by tomorrow.

I also use the epilator on my legs in the summer. It doesn't hurt half as badly on your legs, it's more of a little pricking sensation than actual pain. I don't find that all the hairs get removed on my legs, so I shave as well as epilating, but doing the two together allows me to leave longer spaces between shaving and keeps my legs nice and smooth.

Oh, and if you're wondering.... I don't reccomend using it on the bikini area... That hurts more than being towed to hell with a rusty hook attatched your nipples.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found it useful!

 - Alice x x x

22 Jun 2015

Shopping Haul!

Hi guys!

So I'm off to Mallorca on the 4th July (which is soooo soon, I'm very excited) and I needed to go shopping. Big time. My wardrobe consists of black, black, more black and absolutely nothing summery whatsoever. So today I stepped out and went on a well needed shopping trip with my girlies and picked up a few things!

 First stop: Primark. Ok, I know it's not high fashion or anything, but money is pretty tight right now (I'm what you call 'in between jobs' at the moment - ha!) so I needed some clothing that was pretty, and also pretty cheap.

I stumbled upon this kimono and I LOVE it. The only ones left were in size XL but I tried it on and the massiveness isn't that bad. I feel like a wise old shaman in it or something. The pattern is pretty ethnic but I found that it matched my nearly all black ensemble perfectly. £10 was a little expensive, to me, for a kimono, but I definitely think it was worth it quite simply because I adore it!

 I also picked up a pair of plain black plimsoles, as I literally don't own any decent flat shoes. My checkered Vans are almost completely destroyed, they're full of holes and I get lectured by my boyfriend every time I wear them because they are so disgusting. These were only £3, and I'm sure they'll serve me well during the summer.

There were also these pretty floral shorts, which match my everything black wardrobe and are actually pretty girly for me. They were £4 so a pretty decent bargain as well if you ask me.

I felt like I needed a pair of sandals too. These are really cute, and not really that high considering they are heeled. I like chunky heels, and these are really really comfy. There's a padded effect on the sole, and maybe the wide fit helps? I'm not sure. I don't consider my feet to be wide but this was the only fit they came in.
I'm sure these shoes will be great for summer nights out, and I should hope they won't be too uncomfortable after dancing the night away either.
 Soooo swimwear. I don't really own any swimwear. Don't get me wrong, I love swimming, but I tend to borrow my mum's costume whenever I go. I figured for maximum tan coverage I'd have to invest in a couple of bikinis. I picked up this navy bikini for £3 (Primark, again) and this stunning black bikini top in H&M. It's so me it's unreal. It's the ultimate high-fashion-goth bikini top. I love it. At £12.99 it was more than I wanted to spend on just one segment of a bikini, but I know that I'd have walked away full of regret if I didn't buy it.

Just because I'm so in love with this bikini top I had to add in some pictures of the back too. The straps are super thick - the design is very Herve Leger-esque actually. There's a small triangular cut-out part just between the bust, with some sheer fabric between. It's a nice touch. If I were brave enough, I'd wear this bikini out clubbing or something. It's just that awesome.

You'll also noticed I've popped some suncream into that photo. Suncream is soooo important (as I'm sure you all know) and I'm so pale that I would probably turn to ash if I wasn't wearing it. I got factor 30. This wasn't because I don't want to tan, it was because I know that I am very, very likely to burn. Factor 30 isn't sun block, so I'll still be able to bronze nicely without coming back looking like a lobster. You may be wondering why I chose kid's suncream. It's literally because it's £1 cheaper than the adult alternative. I don't know why, but I wasn't about to pass up saving a pound for slightly more adult packaging.

Lastly, I went into Hollister. Hollister isn't usually my thing, but I do appreciate the softness of their t-shirts. My boyfriend buys a lot of shirts from there, and I looooooove the texture. This long sleeved shirt is super soft, and I like the contrast of the tight fitting sleeves and the looseness of the middle. I chose the darker version, as there was another style which had more of a focus on the white stripes. This was on sale, so I only paid £7.99 which is extremely reasonable if you ask me, for such good quality fabric. This will be nice for the cooler, summery evenings and it shouldn't get too hot as it's not overly fitted. I really like that the sleeves are super long too, I have a habit of pulling my sleeves down over my hands anyway, so this will save me stretching the fabric.

So after all this, I picked up some painting gear and a few other nick nacks before heading to Nandos to fill up on delicious spicy chicken (mmmmmm...)

What will you be buying for summer? What's your favourite summer outfit? Let me know in the comments!

 - Alice x x x

PS. I'm Kylie Jenner today ;)

21 Jun 2015

Beauty: The Alex Vause Effect

Hi all!

Back again, and this time it's not been months!

So Orange is the New Black's 3rd season was released in full on Netflix the other day.. And I've already binge watched all 13 episodes. It was awesome.

Every time I watch OITNB I become more and more enthralled with Alex Vause. Her character is incredibly sultry. I love her geek-chic-rockabilly-goth vibe and Laura Prepon's deep, husky voice. There's something about her that's just plain sexy.

Since watching the series I've dyed my hair black (unintentionally, for the record), started to wear my glasses again (they're cool now. Alex Vause made them cool.) and started to work a thick, black feline flick on my eyelids. I just love her look, and the best part is that it's simple.

But the main thing about Alex Vause is her character. There's nothing more sexy than a woman that can stand up for herself, knows herself and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about that. Vause is sassy without being a bitch, and she isn't afraid of admitting when she's going a little crazy.

Perhaps we could all learn something from Ms Vause?

Over and out,

 - Alice x x x