4 Nov 2014

A Two months recap

Ok, so. Two months happened. Yeah. That happened. I guess I went off the blogging grid. Or fell off. Or possibly got harpooned off, since it took me about two months to find my way back here.

Lets start with a life status: I'm alright. I'm alive. Have a pulse and the whole schibang.

Status on life: I moved out, started on third semester at uni and generally tried to the whirlwind that is survive life.
I seem to be incapable of writing a post with a purpose in mind at this blog, so this post is just to let everyone out there, that I haven't forgotten about this place.

The truth is that Alice and I made this blog in the summer, where we both had more time. But we also made the blog at a time where we both drawn to Stardoll more powerfully than we had been for a while. But as summer ended we both went back to our lives and the site and everything with it got a smaller place in our consciousness and of our time. As it should be. As a person who spent a big part of her teenage years in front of the screen, I've realized the importance of actual human contact and the immense value it has, compared to human contact through dolls. For a period my teenage life was going along before my eyes, but I didn't see it, because I was looking into the screen in front of me. I've missed a lot of experiences that way. There are things I regret. Times I wish I had been a bit braver and dared to be young, bold and stupid. Instead I'm just always so darn sensible, thoughtful and calm. Maybe I'm just an older soul, or maybe I found a safe place and was afraid to leave.

Either way I found my way out. It'll never be the same again. I'm a so-called grown up now. Or a semi-grown up. Kinda grown-up. Growing up.

Please leave me a comment in the comment section, telling me what you have been up to for the past two months. I'd honestly love to know.